25 Questions About Hair Transplantation

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Why are there different techniques in Fue hair transplantation?

These techniques were developed to achieve more successful results compared to different people of hair structure.

Will I be able, see or hear it during transplant?

Local anesthesia is effective only in the area where the hair is transplanted. It won’t have another effect.

Does the numbness in your head last all day?

It will only be effective during operation.

When can I use jelly after hair transplantation?

Can use after 3-4 months.

What is the best time for hair transplantation?

You can have it at any time.

Should additional treatments be applied to hair transplantation?

Treatment will be beneficial. Nourishes & strengthens hair

Can planted hair be dyed in the future?

You can dye your hair after 3-4 months.

Should vitamin supplements be taken after hair transplantation?

Vitamins and minerals supplements will help to nourish and strengthen your hair.

My hair is too short. Can sowing be done?

Any length above zero can be transplanted.

Is the first hair loss in the transplanted hair suddenly?

No, it shakes like your normal hair and regenerates.

What is the maximum length of transplanted hair?

You can grow like your natural hair.

How long does hair transplantation take?

The operation ends in 1 day. The procedure takes 6-8 hours. 1 hour food and rest break. It takes a total of 4 days on arrival and departure. In some cases, it may take up to 3 days, depending on your journey time.

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What is the success rate?

98% success in hair transplantation is achieved with FUE technique.

Will I feel pain?

Local anesthesia will be applied during the operation and you will not feel pain.

How many days will it take me to recover?

One week after the operation, you will recover completely.

My hair is sparse. Is hair transplantation possible anyway?


Who can apply hair transplantation?

Any adult over the age of 18 can have hair transplanted.

Is there a health risk?

Hair transplantation has no health risks.

When do I get the final result?

It takes 6 to 12 months for your hair follicles to regenerate and reach the length to be styled.

How many times can hair transplantation be done?

You can do it again after the healing process is over.

Turkey Trip, what documents do I need?

Our patients who are not Turkish citizens, with their passport are able to travel to Turkey (not earlier than 6 months). You should check with your embassy or consulate which documents are required. When you arrive at the airport you will see the windows where you need a visa, the price is about 20-25 Euro. You should go to passport control with this document and your ID or passport.

How to set a travel day?

You should contact us first and specify the most appropriate days for the intervention. When selecting a flight ticket, you must choose Istanbul airport. After we share all the flight information with us, we will make the necessary preparations for you.

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI Direct Hair Implantation method is the application of FUE hair transplantation with different equipment and techniques.

Different methods are applied in hair transplantation in order to develop existing methods and to obtain more effective results. In DHI technique, hair transplantation from the donor area is applied without waiting. This method, called hair transplantation, uses a specially designed pen-like tool called “coi”.

How is DHI Hair Transplantation Applied?

The hair follicles in the donor area are collected one by one after local anesthesia. The hair roots, which are taken with the help of a pen-like tool called Coi, are planted in the bald area.

The success rate of hair follicles is very high as the waiting time is short. Since the grooving process is not applied, tissue damage and recovery time are minimized.

In regional hair transplantation applications, it can be applied without shortening the hair in other regions. DHI technique is preferred in hair transplantation operations to increase the density of hair locally.

DHI technique can be applied by qualified and experienced doctors. In this technique, hair transplantation is progressing more slowly. In some cases, the number of sessions may be more than one. Therefore, the cost is higher.

What is FUE sapphire?

FUE, which is the most preferred hair transplantation method in the world, is performed by local anesthesia and it is a technique that stands out with its comfort. Using special micro motor tips specially developed for this process, hair grafts are taken one by one and transferred to the hairless area. Natural hair appearance angle is also taken into consideration during this process. Sapphire tip is used for opening the channels where grafts will be placed. Channels opened with a special sapphire tip provide more graft transplantation than conventional fue canals and minimize tissue damage.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation Method

  • Without tissue removal, only the stem cell is studied in the area where the grafts are removed.
  • Incision is not applied to the area where hair is taken, and no stitches are made.
  • There is no scar on the skin after hair transplantation.
  • FUE grafts can be used not only for hair transfer but also for eyebrow, mustache and beard transfer.
  • Only 4,000 to 6,000 grafts can be taken in a single session.
  • Each graft contains 1 to 3 strands of hair, resulting in a natural and bushy appearance.
  • 50 to 60 hair transplantation per centimeter.
  • The procedure can be completed with minimum pain and minimum recovery.

Before FUE Hair Transplantation

Those who want to have hair transplantation with FUE technique should first go through a preliminary examination. You should definitely tell your doctor about your illnesses and the medications you use. Inform your doctor about the vitamin supplements you take.
Blood test is performed to each patient before hair transplantation. Because there may be situations where the patient is not aware. For this reason, hair transplantation may be limited in cases such as diabetes, blood pressure, HIV virus or hepatitis, or a different method may be preferred by the physician. For example, HIV and hepatitis prevent hair transplantation. However, in case of diabetes and blood pressure, the physician can do hair transplantation.
You should avoid smoking and alchol drinking 10 days before the procedure. You should not apply any cosmetic products to your scalp or hair a few days before hair transplantation.

FUE hair transplantation operation

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Collection of hair follicles with FUE

FUE, which is the most preferred hair transplantation method in the world, is performed by local anesthesia and it is a technique that stands out with its comfort. Using special micro motor tips specially developed for this process, hair grafts are taken one by one and transferred to the hairless area. Natural hair appearance angle is also taken into consideration during this process.​

Opening of October Channels with FUE

After the hair follicles are collected, the area is covered with a special bandage to prevent infection. The patient then lies on his back and the channels are opened using a special process called micro-pen and a special procedure for the region where the transplantation will be performed. These channels are also smaller than the needle tip. The tip of the micro-pen device is pointed and opens extremely small grooves in the diameter through which the hair follicles can pass.

Hair Transplantation with FUE

Hair roots are placed one by one in the channels opened to the region where hair transplantation will be performed. Hair follicles should be transplanted immediately after collection. Therefore, it is kept in a sterilized and cooled environment. The transplantation of the hair follicles takes 2-4 hours depending on the number of grafts. In the planting process, the roots are carefully planted one by one.
After these three procedures are completed, the patient is given various information and discharged. Very small dot-shaped wounds occur in the sowing area and this is an expected, natural condition. These wounds heal at most in 1 month.

Things to do at home

Patients are recommended to rest at home on the day of the procedure and the next day after discharge. They are asked not to spend as much time outside as possible. They should take care not to bend their heads at home on the day of the procedure and the next day. Computer use is possible provided the head is not leaning forward. Patients should not rub the head area.​

First Week After Hair Transplant

After the hair transplantation process, the most sensitive time of the hair follicles is the first week. This area should never be rubbed, pressed, or even protected against slight impacts.
At the same time, although it is very small in the form of dots and wounds in this region, it is necessary to take great care not to catch germs.
Strict adherence to the warnings made by the physician is a determining factor in the success of hair transplantation process.

First Wash After Hair Transplantation

For the first wash, patients should wait for clinical control. After the procedure, the physician is notified when the first check will be performed. Generally, the first wash should be performed between 24 hours after the procedure and 72 hours after the procedure. A softening solution is applied to the hair transplantation area. After waiting for about 30 minutes, the hair is rinsed with warm water and freed from the lotion. The hair area is then gently bubbled with a medical shampoo recommended by the physician. It is then rinsed with warm water, and using a paper towel, only the moisture is removed without rubbing the scalp.
The washing periods will be notified to the patient by the physician. Since the purpose is to purify the area so that no residue remains, these periods must be strictly observed.
After 15 days, hair washing can be started normally.

Hair Growth

In the first 3 weeks after hair transplantation, the hair is shed. However, this is to be expected and there is no need to worry that the hair follicles remain in the skin. In fact, hair is not shedding, but a radical breakage occurs. Afterwards, the formation of new and healthy hair strands requires approximately 90 days. At the end of this period, healthy hair strands begin to grow.
Of course, natural hair growth is seen. Every day a small amount of hair grows and a highly natural hair growth occurs. After 8 months of application, hair regains its most natural and healthy form.

The first 3 days after hair transplantation

  • Never wash your hair before a medical examination.
  • Do not do sports
  • Avoid activities that may cause you to fall and hit your head.
  • Protect your head from any impact
  • Apply sexual abstinence
  • You can wear a hat or cap, but make sure it is not tight
  • Do not scratch the treated area
  • Do not consume alcohol and cigarettes
  • Use the medicines prescribed by the physician regularly
  • Do not use perfume or deodorant as it may also reach the head area.
  • It is normal for scabs to occur after hair transplantation. Never shave these shells.
  • Take care of a healthy diet

Why Nutrition After Hair Transplantation is Very Important

  • Cultivated hair follicles are fed through blood. For this reason, proper nutrition enables the vitamins and minerals in the blood to reach the hair follicles.
  • Healthy nutrition reduces hair loss after hair transplantation
  • Reduces natural hair loss on your untreated hair
  • Hair follicles become stronger when nourished and prepare more healthy hair strands
  • Cell renewal rate increases and healing process shortens after hair transplantation
  • The number of hair strands decreases after hair transplantation