Precautions we're taking in our hospitals after the Covid-19 virus outbreak

Is there a precaution against Covid-19 contamination risk in Acıbadem?

Of course, we take all the necessary precautions in all hospitals and medical centres Acıbadem, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Ventilation systems to international standards, regular cleaning and disinfection are carried out to prevent any risk of contamination.These new procedures are carried out at different degrees and frequencies depending on the requirements. In addition, new requirements such as social distancing measures are strictly enforced for both our patients and employees.

How are the new normal processes implemented at Acıbadem?

We have organized our health care-focused services according to the requirements of the new normal processes.You will notice them as soon as you enter hospitals and medical centres Acıbadem. Warning and information signs will be visible to our visitors.There are special measures for every space, from corridors to elevators, from waiting rooms to patient rooms.

Respect for social distancing

  • Spaces between visitors are indicated in front of the advice desks.
  • The seating arrangement in the cafeterias is rearranged to respect social distancing.
  • The waiting areas in front of the elevators as well as the number of people allowed to take the elevator were determined based on social distancing measures.
  • Such precautions have also been taken for the benefit of our employees.

Wearing of the mask

  • All our employees wear masks. Some even wear visors.
  • We also request that our visitors wear masks.

Temperature control

  • Our staff measures the temperature of our patients who come to the hospital for consultation and treatment.
  • Patients with high temperatures are referred directly to a special area in the emergency department.

Cleaning and disinfection

  • The frequency, depth and controls of cleaning and disinfection have been increased.
  • Additional measures have been taken in sterile or semi-sterile areas, ranging from operating theatres to intensive care units.

What precautions are taken in children's clinics ?

  • We make sure that parents wear masks in the hospital.
  • The frequency of cleaning of common areas and elevators has been increased.
  • The frequency and depth of cleaning of the examination rooms has been increased.
  • Playgrounds reserved for children have been closed.
  • Due to the risk of contamination, play materials such as pencils and paper have been removed.

Is the ventilation system safe at Acıbadem? (UVC filtering)

  • Sure, the air you’re breathing in all Acıbadem is safe.
  • We clean the air in all Acibadem hospitals and medical centres with high-tech ventilation systems (UVC filter) in accordance with the most advanced standards and the air is renewed 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
  • How do we do that ?
  • Our high-tech ventilation systems expel air from inside, and draw in fresh air from outside, passing through 3 different filters, which clean and distribute it inside, this process is under permanent automatic control.
  • Thanks to this ventilation system and special filtering methods, air safety is ensured indoors.

Will the temperature of everyone who comes to the hospital be measured ?

  • Yes, the temperature of all our patients coming to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment is measured remotely by our staff at the front door.
  • Patients with high temperatures are referred directly to a special area in the emergency department.

Wearing masks for visitors?

Yes, all visitors who come to the hospital must wear a mask. Wearing a mask is one of the most important measures to protect yourself and others.

Covid19 protection equipment

All masks, gloves, disinfectants etc. that you will use in Covid-19. we provide the protection materials.

We wish you a very healthy day