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Hair transplant 

We have been providing hair transplantation service to our customers for 13 years. We have performed over 8000 hair transplantations. 70% of our customers come from European countries. Hair transplantation operations are carried out under Acıbadem Hospital Group. We have a 5-star certificate in accordance with international medical standards.

We are Turkey’s leading hair transplant clinic. Operations are carried out by JCI accredited Acıbadem Atakent hospital and Altunizade Acibadem. Joint Commission International (JCI) is an international Joint Commission that provides worldwide accreditation services and works to improve the quality of care in the international community. Ensures the applicability of international health standards.

We believe that beauty is inseparable from health. That’s why we believe that the right treatment is available to everyone, always available and with maximum satisfaction.

Over the years, our patients’ trust in us is the main reason that enlarges us and drives us to develop


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